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The ORIGINAL probiotic formula for pets!

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About Us

Geneflora for Pets is a breakthrough probiotics formula specially designed to support healthy digestion, control yeast, candidia and strengthen the immune system.




Improves Digestion

Strengthens the Immune System

Controls Candidia

Made in USA


Veterinarian Recommended

Decreases Bad Breath


Increases Energy

Alleviates Allergies

Reduces inflammation


Healthier Pet, Happier Life


What Pet Lovers Say

"This stuff has been a dream!"

“This stuff has been a dream! I have a year old golden retriever who has always had digestive problems. Her food has remained constant, but depending on the day her stools can be watery or solid. After adding this to her diet her stools have been solid and she just seems in better health overall.”

"Can't rate it high enough!"

I have used this for 4 years now. My cat got into something causing an immune problem when really young. This product was added to help and I've never stopped. Can't rate it high enough. This keeps his coat and stomach healthy.

"My dogs look and feel great!"

We are only slowly waking up to the fact that gut health and biome have a huge impact on a dog's overall health and appearance, and probiotics are likely a part of keeping that healthy gut flora going. My healthy (but picky-eating!) dogs look and feel great on this, and are happy to eat it even if I don't mix it into food very well.

Sally N.

Nicole Y.

Gretchen A.

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